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The Campus Today

The Campus Today

The University is located in the London Borough of Newham, one of the world’s most multi-cultural areas. Our students and staff are a microcosm of that diversity, with 151 different nationalities represented on our campuses.

More than half of our students come from our adjacent boroughs, including 17% from Newham. Our staff community also reflects our diverse, multi-national student base, whilst at the same time remaining local, with 13% of our staff living locally in Newham.

Access to the Stratford Campus is currently from the main student and visitor entrance off Water Lane. The north, east and western edges of the Campus share boundaries with neighbouring residential streets. These boundaries are unwelcoming and do not encourage public access.

Redevelopment will enable us to remove the temporary classrooms and unattractive hoardings, and transform any underused parts of the Campus to create a more welcoming environment for our neighbours.

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