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The Campus has been used for educational purposes since 1898, and is currently the home for Education, Psychology, Bioscience, Criminology and Nursing programmes. The demand for academic and support facilities has changed significantly over the years, and the University must ensure that our offer continues to evolve.

The proposal is to redevelop a largely vacant area of land to provide a Campus of exceptional architectural quality, using high-quality materials which improve the existing site and enhance the surrounding area.

We have the following objectives:

  • Open the Stratford Campus with greater permeability for local residents and visitors
  • Create a series of safe and accessible public spaces to relax and socialise
  • Enhance the nearby Grade II* Listed University House and University Conservation Area
  • Create a modern, forward thinking and innovative student environment

A key feature of the proposed development is a new high-quality university teaching and learning space to meet the future growth of UEL and help realise the expansion of UEL operations at the Campus.

The facilities will primarily be used to expand health related programmes which will, in turn, have a positive effect on the health and wellbeing across the Borough of Newham.

The spaces will help to encourage closer integration between UEL and the wider community, who will be able to hire our facilities for a range of uses.

New affordable state of the art accommodation for our growing population will be designed to prioritise wellness and an active campus lifestyle.

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