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Consultation Website

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Welcome to our dedicated consultation website for the proposed redevelopment of our Stratford Campus. We invite you to provide your views on how we are planning to invest in our estate to develop a new student village which improves the area for students, staff members and the local community.

We are fully committed to enhancing our relationships with the community we serve by investing in and maintaining our spaces, where local people can work, learn, and enjoy themselves.

Planning Submission Update – May 2023

Following constructive engagement with the local community, UEL staff and students and Newham Council in late 2022 and early 2023, the University of East London have submitted a planning application to Newham Council. We’d like to thank everyone who submitted feedback and attended our in-person events prior to submission, which has helped us reach this point.

You can find the application and its supporting documents by clicking here or searching for the application reference number ‘23/00790/FUL’ on the Council’s planning portal.

Our application to Newham Council contains a full pack of planning documents that can be accessed via the planning portal. We have also provided links to full versions of some of the key planning documents below:

  • Planning Statement: a high-level summary of the planning context and key facts and figures regarding the application
  • Design and Access Statement: setting out the design approach to the site, including height and massing, routes and connections etc.
  • Statement of Community Involvement: summarising engagement with the community and local stakeholders pre-submission, as well as feedback received

Stratford Campus Redevelopment

We are aiming to become the UK’s leading career-intensive university. Many of our students and staff are from our local communities. We want to adapt to their changing needs and give students from all backgrounds the skills and education to thrive.

Encouragingly, our student numbers are growing locally, bringing economic benefits, better career opportunities, new talent and an increased local skills base.

We believe our proposal will offer greater opportunities for our community of students and staff to access professional opportunities, connect with business and organisations, and expand our social and community networks.

Sustainability is an important factor and through our net-zero carbon 2030 commitment and multimillion-pound Connected Campus investment programme, we aim to improve all three campuses by creating more sustainable, pioneering, vibrant and welcoming spaces to study, work and live.

The next step in delivering improvements for our students, staff, and the local community we serve within the London Borough of Newham, is to explore ways in which we can enhance our Stratford Campus.

The following proposal of activities aim to:

  • Create a student village with much-needed student accommodation (650 rooms) and associated amenities, to help alleviate some of the pressure on local housing, whilst attracting student from surrounding areas to become part of our community.
  • Deliver a development with sustainability at its core, including Net Zero Carbon purpose-built student accommodation with enhanced design and townscape improvements.
  • Deliver high-quality, sensitively designed new buildings that respond to local character and respect neighbours’ amenity.
  • Develop a new academic building including 4,912sqm for lecture theatres and teaching rooms within the grounds of the Stratford Campus.
  • Improve the accessibility, safety and lighting of the Campus and surrounding area by opening up pedestrian and cycle routes and encouraging healthy activity options with the local community.
  • Bring a healthy living and learning environment on Campus, providing spaces to be active, socialise and relax for our students, staff and those in our local community.

Connected Campus

This proposed work is part of our Connected Campus programme – the University of East London’s multimillion-pound investment to create more pioneering, vibrant and welcoming spaces for people to study, work and live.

You can find out more about this programme by visiting the Connected Campus website here, watching the video below or reading our Connected Campus booklet attached here.

The Team

University of East London

The University of East London is a careers-first university driven by a commitment to ensure our graduates are first choice for employers. Our vision is to advance knowledge and drive innovation for positive change for people and the planet. We are bringing forward plans for the future of the Stratford Campus with the help of the following team.

Metropolitan Workshop

A multidisciplinary practice of architects and urban designers who collaborate across two studios in Dublin and London, and strive to become one of the most trusted, original and responsible voices for architecture and urbanism.

Metropolitan Workshop are stimulating to work for and engaging to work with.

TPS Project Management

TPS Management are specialists in Property Development and Project Management. TPS is made up of people with specialist technical knowledge and broad commercial experience. Everyone at TPS is enthusiastic about every project’s potential and are all committed to finding the best way to deliver it.


DP9 is established as one of the leading expert consultancies in planning and development in the UK.

DP9 has a proven track record of delivering a wide variety of planning consents and is currently advising on more than 500 live projects, ranging from small scale instructions to large, complex master planning proposals across all sectors.

Kanda Consulting 

Kanda is a communications agency specialising in community engagement who work intelligently and imaginatively to get the best results for applicants, decision makers and communities.

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